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COME DISCOVERD « BomberSnake» !! 

A new Remix of Pac-Man and Bomberman!!

You are in a 2D dungeon and to win you have to grab more coins than the snakes. Use the bombs to kill the snake before he comes after you! Remember to take the items around you to survive ;)


- The arrow keys or WASD to move yourself in the dungeon.
- Space to drop a bomb.
- P to put the game on pause.
- Escape to quit the game.
- Shift to run.

And that’s it, simple, efficace and pretty hard ;)

- Chest: drop an item random.
- Coins: each coin give you 1 point.
- Pears: each pear give you 25HP.
- Chest light: increase your visibility range for a short time.
- Bomb Power up: fill your bomb bag and increase his capacity by one.

- Seed: each map is generate procedurally by a seed. You want to share a map with your friend? Send him the seed!
- Pathfinding: The ennemies are controled by a A* (A star) pathfinding system to go to yourself or on the coins. 


- If the snake found more coins than you, you will lose.

- If he found you, he will attack once and go back to his start place.

- If you kill him with a bomb and take more coins than him or just take more coins, you Win!!

By team DGN:
- Guibayle (Guillaume Bayle)
- Dgascon (Dylan Gascon)
- Nlecaill (Nathan Lecaille)

Come put some screenshot of your score !!


BomberSnake.rar 28 MB
bomberSnake.zip 34 MB

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